I believe the Bible is the inspired word of God and our final authority for truth. 

I believe in the Trinity - God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ) and God the Holy Spirit.

I believe in Creation and a young earth. I reject evolution and an old earth view.

I believe in the fall of mankind and the need for a saviour.

I believe in the existence of a literal heaven and hell.

I believe in the deity of Christ, The virgin born sinless Son of God.

I believe Jesus died to atone for mankind’s sins and to propitiate the wrath of God.

I believe that only through personal faith in Christ can a person be saved. 

I believe that by faith a person is spiritually baptised into Christ and only then gets to partake in Christ and His sacrifice.

I reject all Inclusionism, Universalism, Trinitarian Universalism, Ultimate reconciliation and Post-mortem Salvation teachings.

I believe that election and predestination refers to all nations being included in God's salvation plan,   not random select individuals. 

I believe that election was exclusive to  Jews first before Christ, but then inclusive of all Gentile nations (mankind) after the death and resurrection of Christ.  God's election is now Jews and Gentiles.

I reject Calvinism and Arminianism.

I believe God is sovereign and that mankind does have free will and therefore the means by which God's purposes come about is through faith, cooperating with God, prayer and the preaching of the Gospel.

I believe in the resurrection and ascension of Christ.

I believe in Pentecost and the Charismatic gifts.

I believe the baptism of the Holy Spirit is for every believer today.

I believe in miracles, signs and wonders and the gifts of the Spirit.

I reject Cessationism and anything that believes miracles and the gifts of the Holy Spirit have ceased.

I believe the  New Covenant should not be mixed with the Old Covenant.

I believe that a believer is not under Old Covenant law or any kind of works righteousness.

I believe the purpose of the law is to reveal sin in the unbeliever and point them to  Christ.

I believe Christians are called to  relate to God through faith and grace, not works and law.

I believe that you cannot earn, keep or complete your salvation through your works. It is simply by faith alone in Christ.

I believe in eternal security. That if you are truly born again you can never lose it no matter what.

I believe that  true motivation in the New Covenant comes from faith, love and hope not fear of curse or incentive of blessings.

I believe in the one act of  forgiveness for all our past, present and future sins.

I believe in the gift of righteousness that is received through faith.

I believe in rebirth / regeneration / being born again.

I believe  someone born again no longer has a sinful nature but rather a brand new nature - God’s  nature.

I believe that sanctification is an event first where we are separated unto Christ (our position) and then a process where we  learn to live out of that position. The process doesn't bring about the event, the event brings about the process.

I believe that sin is destructive and distracting.  

I believe  a true born again believer doesn't want to sin but wants to  live free from sin.

I believe the way to overcome sin is not through guilt, shame, condemnation, penance, sin consciousness or law consciousness but through grace, faith, truth and by living a fulfilled life in Christ of intimacy and purpose.

I believe we should be living  Christ-centred lives and not man-centred lives.

I believe that  we should live a pure and moral lifestyle that is inspired and empowered by our faith in Jesus, intimacy with Him and basing our lives on His Word.

I believe we should avoid all forms of sexual immorality,  and be honest, have integrity, not steal or cheat or defraud,  not hate or murder,  but  be loving, kind, patient, gentle, generous, faithful and self controlled.

I believe in the Body of Christ - the Church, and Her relevance and mission here on earth.

I believe in God’s divine order and authority in the Church through Christ as the Head and shepherds He appoints over His flock.

I believe in the five fold ministry of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. I believe they are for today.

I believe in the unity of the Spirit and that all believers are a part of the universal Church of Christ.

I believe that unity of the faith can only come by harmonising with Christ and His Gospel, not through any fleshly efforts of man.

I believe that elders are the highest governing authority in a local church. 

I believe that local churches should be governed autonomously by its eldership and should have relationship with and accountability to apostles and other five fold ministry gifts.

I believe that Jesus Christ is our ultimate source and therefore we should live fearless.

I believe in living a lifestyle of generosity.

I believe generous  flows from God's nature in us, from faith in God and from a heart to  be a blessing to the nations.

I believe in tithing in a New Covenant way not an Old Covenant way.  But I will not let this be an issue that divides.

I believe in a biblical view on marriage being between a man and a woman and that homosexuality is not God's idea or desire for anyone.

I believe it's possible to love the  homosexual community even though I may disagree with  them on some things.

I believe in a future interpretation of the Book of Revelation. 

 I reject partial and full Preterism,  Historisism and Idealism.

I believe there will be a final great tribulation and that the Church will go through it. 

I do not believe a pre-tribulation rapture is biblical.

I believe in the bodily Second Coming of Christ at the close of the age.

I believe in a victorious eschatology - 

I believe that the seal, trumpet and bowl judgements in the Book of Revelation are Christ's ultimate and final judgement and destruction upon Satan, the beast/antichrist and the worldly Babylonian-antichrist political religious and financial system.

I believe in a final  judgement where every human being will stand before Christ  and  be judged according to His Gospel.

I believe in the eternal state of heaven for those in Christ and hell for those outside of Christ.  

I believe the Church is called to preach the Gospel to all creation and disciple all the nations of the world.

I believe our service for Jesus must only flow out of intimacy with Jesus.

I believe our highest calling is to walk with God.

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