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The Clear Message of Grace.
A clear and simple booklet  packed with revelation about 
 pure grace.  Many churches and small groups around 
the world have been using this booklet to bring their 
people into a clearer understanding of grace. 

"Many of our care groups are 
using  this booklet and 
hundreds of  people's lives 
are being changed!"
-New Life the Fort.

Extra Virgin Grace
This book is overflowing with radical pure grace
that is grounded in the Word of God. It looks at
many misinterpreted scriptures and topics to
reveal  them in their true New Covenant light.
People all over the world are being blessed by 
this book.
"Ryan has hit a home run again 
with  his latest book and killed 
a few  sacred  cows along the 
way too!" 
-Fini de Gersigny

Do Christians Still Have a Sinful Nature?
Many have been sold a lie that a believer still has a sin 
nature  and that is why they still sin. Find out the biblical
truth  about what really happened when you were born 
again and  the power that is living inside of you to 
overcome sin and walk in freedom.

"Ryan clearly shows how God has
positioned us to reign in life through
a powerful work in us."
-Wayne Duncan. 

Sanctification by Grace
Many believe that we are saved by grace  but then 
sanctified by the law.  Find  out what true  sanctification 
really is  and how it is by the   grace of God  alone that we 
are  empowered to , not only overcome sin,  but to  see
heaven coming to earth through our lives.

"A masterpiece! By far the
best book I have ever read 
on the subject."
-Steven Wheeler

After the Revolution
What happens after a grace revolution is even  more 
important than the actual revolution itself.    If you 
want to protect the message  of grace in  people's 
lives and make sure it doesn't get  hijacked by  false 
grace and other things,   then this book  is important 
for you.  It will give you all the advantages  in  sustaining 
a  long   legacy of fruitful grace in your  life and    others.

"Ryan masterfully confronts the disempowering
deception of a counterfeit grace  culture and 
provides clear practical  and biblical application on 
how to steer your congregation  into the next 
season of  stability,  growth  and fruitfulness."
-Graham Jones.

What To Do After You Get Saved
This booklet is perfect for new believers. Many churches
around the world are using this booklet to disciple  their 
new  converts and seeing them  quickly established in   their 
relationship with God and in biblical truth. If all you do  is put 
this booklet into the hands of a new believer you may  have 
 just helped them on their way to living a glorious  life in Christ.

"A very helpful tool for every church
committed to seeing the lost saved
and discipled." 
-New Nature Publications.

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