“Ryan Rufus is a fresh new voice in this season bringing amazing revelation on the message of Grace."  

- Jeff Jansen .  Senior Leader of Global Fire Church and Ministries.

"In Extra Virgin Grace, master expositor and dynamic teacher Ryan Rufus invites you on a Scripture-filled journey to encounter the fullness of God's grace"

- Andrew Farley.   Best selling author, The Naked Gospel.

"Ryan's writings continues to be an inspiration to myself and many other pastors  who find themselves at the coal face of church life."

- Steven Wheeler.   Senior Pastor, Highway Christian Community.

"Truly, God is bringing his Church into maturity by giving us gifts in the body, people like Pastor Ryan Rufus."

- Jocel Evangelista.  Senior Pastor, New Life  Church.

"We are eternally grateful to have mates in ministry like these, who strengthen, stir and stretch us."

- Chad  Mansbridge.  Senior Pastor, Bayside Church International.

"I urge every pastor to read Ryan's book After the Revolution, as it will help build the Body of Christ and produce true legitimate children of the kingdom."

- Adam F. Thompson.   Best selling author, "The Divinity Code".

"Ryan shows himself to be one of today‟s finest practical theologians."

- Lucas Miles. Senior Pastor and President, Oasis Network for Churches.

"If you want a grace-based perspective of the Beatitudes, true holiness, eternal security, discipline and walking by the spirit, read Ryan's book Extra Virgin Grace."

- Paul Ellis. Escape to Reality.

"I love Ryan Rufus' pursuit for God's truth and the call upon his life to bring revelatory freedom to the captives that have been bound by years of religious bondage."

- Joshua Mills.  Author and conference speaker.

"Ryan's chapter on ‘The Difference Between a Rebellion and a Revolution’ is, in my estimation, one of the greatest foundational teachings needed today."

- Steve Schroeder.  President, the Christian Ministers association of Canada.

"In After the Revolution, Ryan both masterfully confronts the disempowering deception of a counterfeit grace culture and provides clear and practical biblical application on how to steer your congregation out of the maze of confusion and into the next season of stability, growth & fruitfulness."

- Graham Jones.  Global Grace Ministries.

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