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#11: 27 May, 2017
Chloe our preacher girl!

Chloe is going to be sharing at youth tonight. This is her own final ministry opportunity in Hong Kong (for now) before she takes off with us to go forward into her calling and purpose that God has for her in Australia. As a father I am very proud of her and excited to see what God has for her. Chloe has a growing and deepening passion and hunger for God and for His Word. She has an adventurous and creative spirit and an interesting ability to discern things. Her name Chloe means "tender shoot” and it’s a reference to how Jesus grew up in Israel like a tender shoot amongst them - a Chloe. She is our tender shoot that is growing up into the strong woman that God has put her on this earth to be, and Kylie and I are so blessed to be part of her life. We are so proud of you Chloe and believe your future is full of great purpose and full of God-adventures! Go for it tonight!

#10: 26 May, 2017
Renae is chasing her dreams in Hong Kong! 

Our dancing daughter Renae will be staying in Hong Kong for awhile. She is going to be studying Musical Theatre at the Academy of Performing Arts for at least 1 year and working part time. She is so talented and we believe she is going to shine! Kylie and I feel surprisingly at peace about all this even though we are going to be in two different countries!!! Please pray for us all and for Renae especially, and we would so appreciate people encouraging her and supporting her. It's a huge step for Renae, and she is being very brave. She does have a good support network in Hong Kong which is awesome and has a great head on her shoulders but I'm sure it's going to be challenging at times. 
Well done Renae. We are so proud of you. You've got this! And we are with you all the way!

#9: 25 May, 2017
Almost all packed up!

We've been going hammer and tongs (Aussie reference!) over the last few days and we are nearly there! Doing an international relocation is quite a thing but I must say we have felt the favour and grace of God upon us and it has been almost all stress free (maybe just a tiny bit to keep us in the normal spectrum!). Our church family have been so amazing! We've been getting meals for the last two weeks and help from various people. My dad is coming over tomorrow morning to help us move 25 big boxes! Thinking about this coming Sunday where we will say our final farewells and hug lots of people, and I'm sure take lots of selfies but looking forward to it. It's been 12 years but our season is now changing and even though it's a bit sad, we're also very excited! Can't wait to get going on the other side (after a nice break of course!).

#8: 22 May, 2017
Our final preach at City Church (for now)!

"We Don't Have Tantrums In This House."

YouTube Video

Over the last 12 years we have ministered and led meetings hundreds of times at City Church but this was our final time. Of all the things we could have shared this is the one thing we felt we must speak. Kylie and I have been wanting to speak on parenting at City Church for years but it has just never worked out. I'm so glad we got the chance to deposit this teaching into City Church. This message will restore peace back in your home, it could save your marriage, save your children's future and bring healing to those who had an abusive upbringing.

#7: May 15, 2017
We're extremely excited about starting a ministry!

Exactly two weeks to go until we get on a plane and go "forward" to Australia into our next season which will become our "life work". I feel God saying "the apprenticeship is over" and He is about to launch us into a new space and authority. I feel like I have a whole Bible academy inside of me that wants to come out. I feel like I'm about to put my foot on the gas and fire on all 8 cylinders. Something I've been wanting to do for the past 2 years but just haven't felt I've been able to do. Lately I've received so many prophecies that God is about to take us into a spacious place and we're going to fly and I must say I cannot wait and I am so excited and expectant about what God is going to do through us into the nations. I feel like we're going to have a resource ministry and a traveling ministry. I'm looking forward to making new friends and ministry partners all over the world as God opens doors. I'll finally be able to say "yes!" to many of the invites that come in across the world to minister. My focus has been on one local church for the last 12 years and serving my parents and it has been the privilege of my life. But now I believe God is about to give us the opportunity to bless many local churches, pastors and congregations all over the world to strengthen them and catapult them further into the purposes and passions of God. My heart beats with this and I cannot wait. I love pastors, I love the local church and I love to see people established on the Word of God in context and coming into a deeper and more purposeful relationship with Jesus. This is what we are going to be all about over the next 30-60 years of our life and hopefully leave a legacy that lives on for generations to come. There will also be a charity arm in there somewhere and sometime to help children who are victims of abuse as God has put this in our hearts. I look forward to serving the Body of Christ and connecting with you and partnering together to see the Church coming into its finest hour. Please stand with us in this new season and together lets take the nations for Jesus!
We'll be launching a whole new site in the near future with all our latest plans and itinerary. We will consider each serious invite with much prayer and thought so hit us up if you want us to come and minister for you.
Much love and grace, Ryan Rufus.

#6: May 12, 2017.
The Packing has begun!

The house is a mess but boxes are being packed. The tough decisions are being made about throwing out stuff we no longer need but are sentimentally attached to. Once again we are trimming down and streamlining our lives. 17 days to go until the biggest life change we've ever gone through as a family, yet courage fills our heart as we pursue the call of God. It's going to be hard leaving Hong Kong and saying goodbye to City Church and everything that has been our life here, but at the same time we are very excited about our future and what we believe God is going to do.

#5: May 7, 2017.
Saying our goodbyes.

This is the hard part. So many precious people we love and have become good friends with. This is definitely not goodbye as we will visit as often as we can and look forward to future opportunities to minister again at City Church. You will always be in our hearts and we will continually be looking for and praying for your great success! We know God is going to take you on to new heights and incredible influence as "He establishes a move of God in Hong Kong that touches the nations of the world!"
(This was at the RISE integrate group honouring us today after church. What precious people. We love you all so much.

#4: April 25, 2017.
Flight details:

We fly out of Hong Kong on Monday 29th May at 3:40pm and arrive in Adelaide
on Tuesday 30th May at 7:30am. See you soon Australia! We will miss you
Hong Kong but we will be back.

#3: April 14, 2017.
Our plans for the first 6 months of being in Australia:

Kylie and I and the kids will be basing ourselves near Victor Harbour in South Australia for at least the first 6 months.
We will take a 1-3 month rest/sabbatical. This will be a time of refreshing, family fun and enjoying God.
We feel God stirring us not to commit ourselves to anything in the first 3 - 6 months. 
In this time we will visit a number of churches while we seek a local church community to base ourselves in.
We believe that what we do next will become our lifework and therefore we want to take time to hear God clearly and not rush into anything.
We are open to the possibilities of starting a new church, taking over a church or assisting in a church.

However, what is really exciting our hearts at the moment and what we feel God is strongly leading us towards, is actually starting our very own ministry! God is speaking to us a lot about this. Idea’s, possibilities and prophetic words are flowing in and we look forward to getting greater clarity from God in this important first 6 months. We believe God is preparing and gearing us for the next 30 - 60 years of life and ministry and we are ready to absolutely go for!

We will continue to give updates on how things are developing. In the meantime we would so appreciate your prayers, encouragement's and any prophetic words or words of wisdom you strongly feel God is saying to us.

With much love, Ryan and Kylie Rufus.

#2: April 2, 2017.

Announcing our news to City Church:

My parents Rob and Glenda Rufus and Kylie and I announced the big news that Kylie and I and the kids will be moving to Australia at the end of May to follow the call of God. Watch this video to catch the heart of this move and the deep love and partnership that will continue between my parents, City Church and Kylie and myself.

YouTube Video

#1: April 2, 2017.
The big announcement!

To all our family and friends, 

Kylie and I have some very big news! For the past six months God has been stirring us to seek Him closely about our future. After much prayer and fasting, and having spoken to a number of godly counsellors, and having processed this decision closely with my parents Rob and Glenda Rufus, Kylie and I believe that God is now calling us on from Hong Kong to relocate to Australia to begin our next season in Him. 

This has been the biggest decision we have ever had to make in our lives as it affects so many precious people, including our children, my parents and all the very dear people of City Church. We have not made this decision lightly. Our top priority was to be absolutely certain that this is God and that He is calling us on. We were determined not to make a decision based on emotion or circumstance but solely upon the voice of God. We now have a deep peace in our hearts and faith that this is God.

This move has really taken us by surprise as God knows that our hearts were always committed to be in City Church and serving my parents for the rest of our lives if that is what God wanted. At the same time we have always said that we don’t make plans for our future as God holds those plans and we will always obey Him wherever and whenever He wants to send us. We feel that this is the time and while we are excited about our future, there is also pain in leaving. We have built our lives with such precious people including my parents Rob and Glenda and all our deeply loved friends and family at City Church. Though we are moving on, our hearts are joined together in a bond that will continue forever. 

We look forward to ministering with my parents all over the world into the future and returning to City Church as often as we can. Please pray for us, our children, my parents and for City Church as this whole transition is requiring a great deal of courage and faith. We truly believe God is not taking away, He is multiplying.

We leave for Adelaide, Australia at the end of May and will stay in City Church up until that time. This gives us two months to say proper goodbyes to everyone and to get all the transition arrangements in order. 

We will continue to keep everyone informed on how we are progressing on our Facebook page and also here at

We love you all so much and appreciate your friendship and support.  

Ryan and Kylie, Renae, Chloe, Kimberly and Asher.