Started by Ryan and Kylie in 2009.

At New Nature Publications we are passionate about spreading the pure Gospel of God’s grace through Jesus Christ, 

and helping believers to discover God's powerful nature in them!

We believe in presenting a clear message that we are:

·      Totally forgiven,

·      Made 100% righteous,

·      Have open access to God,

·      Are no longer under the Law,

·      Have a new nature,

·      A new identity and

·      Have come into a new family!

We love and highly value the Church of Jesus Christ and believe in the mission of local churches all over the world.

We believe in the 5 fold ministry of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers and we seek to publish 

books that help these gifts to equip and raise up the saints in the Gospel of Grace to build the Church up into the 

full stature of Christ! You will find books here that cover a whole range of topics and issues regarding grace from

foundational theology to administrational theology.

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Here a list of New Nature books and the topics they cover: 

1. The Clear Message of Grace. Ryan Rufus - A booklet with 7 clear teachings on what the Gospel of grace is.

2. Extra Virgin Grace. Ryan Rufus Extra Virgin Grace. Ryan Rufus- multiple topics and scriptures seen through 100% pure grace.

3. Sanctificationby Grace. Ryan Rufus - it's through grace not law that we are empowered to become everything God has called us to be!

4. Do Christians Still Have a Sinful Nature? Ryan Rufus - you know longer have a sinful nature but a new nature that is God's very nature!

5. What to do after you get saved. Ryan Rufus - an early discipleship booklet centred in grace.

6. Living Grace - 10 high profile authors revealing many truths on how grace affects your whole life.

7. After the Revolution. Ryan Rufus - what must follow after their has been a grace revolution in a local church and a persons life.

Coming soon - "Eternal Security" by Ryan Rufus. (End of 2016)


More about New Nature:

New Nature Publications was started by Ryan and Kylie Rufus in February 2009 with the purpose of flooding 

the nations with numerous and diverse grace resources. We look for people who are carrying a "world message" 

that needs to be heard. New Nature is just one of the channels that God is and will use to invade the world with 

the powerful message of the Gospel of Grace. As this channel continues to open we will see an increasing release 

of creativity that flows through and out to the many . This will include resources in the form of books, booklets, 

manuals, worship CD’s, teaching  CD’s,  DVD’s, and many other platforms as God releases creative initiatives and

never before seen strategies coming straight out of the glory realm. New Nature seeks to flow with the ‘grace

revolution’ that God is releasing across the planet and the rising tide of transformed lives that is swelling in the

earth today.

Our ethos:

  • People before profit.
  • Ministry before business.
  • To Honor those who preach the Gospel of Grace.

New Nature is a ministry before it is a business and will always put lives before profit! It's more important to us to

reach people with this message than to profit from it. However, we unashamedly believe that those who preach 

the gospel should be honored and blessed for doing that and therefore as wealth is generated it will go towards 

supporting and funding the true gospel being preached and those who preach it.

Our Core beliefs:

  • We are saved by the grace of God through faith alone in Christ. 
  • We are forgiven of all sins past, present and future.
  • Through faith in Christ we become the perfect righteousness of God as a gift.
  • The believer has been released completely from all Old Covenant Law.
  • The believer has been fully circumcised of their sinful nature and has been given a new nature, God's nature.
  • The believers reborn spirit is now perfect and complete in Christ.

Our Vision:

The vision of New Nature Publications is to provide an ever increasing flow of grace resources to churches and 

people across the planet and to see those churches and people come into the fullness of His glorious grace. 

Our desire is that the lost and the back-sliden will find these resources irresistible as well, as they encounter

gracious grace filled people who are getting these resources out!

    A part of our ministry is the translating of our materials into multiple languages, especially Mandarin,  to  

impact every tribe and tongue with this message. Through finances generated from the English book sales,

we are and desire to continually be able to cover the costs of translating and printing these books into 

languages of poorer nations that we can strategically bless free of charge and  rapidly distribute this gospel. 

These resources assist teams going into these nations to help evangelise  and establish churches and people.

Much love

Ryan and Kylie Rufus

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